The version that remembers the beginning

plan billion woke up one morning more fresh and cheerful than ever and sat at the edge of the bed with a blissful smile on his face.

During the night he was enveloped in a deep tranquillity, provoked by the fact that the World is heading boldly towards a bright future. Everybody thinks, formulates, calculates, plans, embarks upon new endeavours and is constantly in a hurry.

'Excellent', he said to himself, having in mind to take measures for the fragile equilibrium of this World order, by being one different to the others plan.

He took a decision immediately to stop thinking, planning, calculating, formulating, embarking upon new endeavours and never to be in a hurry.

'A little bit nonsense is needed in this World', he rumbled, having not gulped his hot, sugarless and cinnamon-bountiful morning cappuccino yet.

Having heard that a billion is one very , very serious number, and even not being able to imagine exactly how serious, he decided to measure with this very number unmeasurable things like: people`s smiles and the shortest moments in which their soul emerges, erupts and dissipates into a billion particles of joy before submerging again.

The version that dreams to be short

plan billion is creating things that he knows how to create, learning how to create things that he doesn`t know how to create yet, inventing things that haven’t been invented yet, and above all is having fun.

His projects are dreaming to be beautiful, though they turn out to be endlessly useful as well (owing to the fact that besides 60% of his planets in Air signs, plan billion could show off with his earthly Sun and Venus, if they are suitable for showing off with).

Plan Billion inputs his heart and creates seldom or often, when an idea has been generated that from its side pushes out the creative itch to the fingertips.

The only way to become an owner of plan billion`s projects is to receive them as a gift. Behind every project there`s a story that enables the artwork to discover the perfect receiver.

The version that is in love with a telegram

Plan Billion. creates. objects. gifts. no rules. collects. smiles. joy.